Monday, March 24, 2008

The Rights

Everyone contains their own right to do their own things they want to do.

Everyone contains their own right to do the way they need to reach their goal.

Everyone contains their own right to speak the way they are.

Everyone contains their own right to express all they want


Something botheres them.

The Law of gouverment
The Selfishness of human
The Imatureness of people
The Greed of modern lifestyle
The Stupidity of brainless idiots
The Stucked-Brain of racist bastards

Why is this?

Reason is simple.

Changes in enviroment can make all the difference.

Now why is that?

Recall back the time when our earth had a global ice age. The air is clean, cool and chilly. Healthy to breath the air and the lifespan for them is very long. Everyone got the rights to do anything for free.

Brainless Idiots = Human tends to get more smarter. That developed personality for each individual.
Some smartasses tends to get even stupid. You can still see them everywhere in the world..
The rights for smart people are gone. Result of taken over by the smartasses.

Greed of Lifestyle = As humans gets smarter, technology and lifestyle start to improve and change. Culture developed through time. That creates Polution and Hatred among people that is struggling for a better lifestyle.
Poor people never had the right to fight back because of that.

Racist Bastards = As certain races of people meet with different races of people, some of them tends to hate them for no freaking reason.. But generate excuses for hating them. So where is the rights for people who is hated?

Law = The Law setup by the King, Lords, Sultan, Agung.. or anyone in charge, most commonly it will affect the rights for their own people caused by over power of mass controlling.

Once again.. Not everyone understands what I'm talking. But those who understands, This is just what i feel about rights of people and nations.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sick game in a crazy day

As I mention in the old post, I will have a fight with Jason of a game, Stronghold : Crusader.

Started off very nicely, peace and quiet castle.

Ended up his castle got flamed and his lord slaughtered.

Took me hours to get through his defenses [Though I did not suscess because he purposely opened a way for me to attack him]

But yeah.. I wont nicely and.. Quite ezily..

Its unfair for a person who did not practice for more than years

Nothing is perfected without practice or warm up

Jason.. I'll look up to get your lord slaugthered again if i got the chance... Either just your lord or just my lord... Let the game decide whos the crazier played..


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


During the past few days, I learned something very valueable and its actually priceless...

During the B.M. class, Puan Khairiah said something about common senses [Akal]

She mentioned alot about it.. but something I wont forget about is she mentioned

"Orang yang tidak suka akan orang yang beragama lain pastilah dia tidak berakal. Takkan kamu pergi membunuh orang yang tidak beragama sama dengan kamu. Juga takkan kamu pergi belasah orang yang berkaum lain. Saya ini seorang Muslim, kelas 4Kemboja saya ada banyak pelajar cina. Jadi saya tak semestinya membunuh kamu semua jika saya benci kamu semua kan?"

"Kamu tidak boleh memilih agama dan kaum kamu. Takkanlah kamu pergi memilih ibu yang kamu sendiri mahu..kan? Ini semua ditakdir tuhan. Kami semua perlu menghormati dan cintai akan takdir sendiri"

What my teacher says really make alot of senses. I respect her as a teacher and I'm loving it to have her a teacher of mine..

Back to the topic.

What Pn. Khairiah means is that

"People that hate people with other races is confirmed to be common-senseless, no general knowledge nor respect. You cant just go to someone with the different races and kill them. Its also senseless to go whack people that has different religeon. Class 4K is having so many chinese student and I'm a muslim. Does that mean I have to kill all of you all if I hate you all?"

"You cannot choose your religeon or race. Isnt it rediculous if you can choose your own mother? Its all set by the gods. Respect the choice of the gods and be proud of it!"

Weeks before Pn.Khairiah talk about this issue, I had my oral speaking test for english. I prepared well. Of course..

And I talked about "Racism"

I talked about
Effect of racism
Cause of racism
Why racism
How to prevent it
Example of things will happen with racism

I think I did a great speech about it, but I have no idea did I make any mistake when I'm talking about this topic or did I offend anyone I know during the test.

At least I get a really nice round of applause from the class.

Thank you 4K~

Hopefully the racism case will be lowered down enourmously

Friday, March 14, 2008

Stuffs I Care

Today is another fun but VERY painful day.

This morning's event is fun, currently me and O-dori is racing rivals... Need For Speed is our game now..

Played with Jason Battle Realms... None of us manage to attack each other.. We both were balanced..

So after getting bored, Me, O-dori, Michie, William and Wei Soong went insane with Flat Out 2. Hell load of fun is in the game but I know the fun will soon turn boring if die playing a particular game.. Any game will be the same...

At the evening, right after it stops raining outside the house, my friend asked me to build a ramp in the park.. Since the big giant ramp is dismentled by the MPPJ.. [The ramp my head nearly break in the video at my older post]

Anyways, we were lucky enough to find sufficient wood. We nailed them in but we forgotten about the height problem... So I left the "Sudden Project" hanging there.

I did alot of careless mistake today

1) I shouldnt have waited for audrey during the NFS:MW game. She won the 1st round!
2) I nearly nailed my finger INTO the wood planks while building the ramp.
3) I used the wrong foot wear while riding around my housing area. Pedal slipped and there goes my right shin. Bleeding madness.
4) Pedal sliped again but I am wearing the correct footwear this time. But its wet so I pedal sliped and hit hard right at the same spot where the pedal hit me earlier.

5) To tell you guys my careless mistakes.
6) Acording to Mistake 5, I was just kidding...

The Things I wanted badly
I've been recieving the same present all the time over the year.. I'm just hoping theres more changes since my dad baught me a Full-Sus bike as a present.

But currently what I want is

A pair of Hardcore Freeride Rims

Merida Hardy 1T/1/2/3/4 Frame

A nice camera that I can use to record EXTREMELY smooth videos and take clear pics [Thats what everyone wanted]

A highly upgraded computer

But darn... All these is just quite impossible for me to get... Or expect to get as a present..

I hope I'm better..

No videos nor pics this time. Next post should have the stuff I need.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My type? BMX or Freeride Or etc?

Quite a few person already asked me "Yo! SyNc... You've been showing in your blog ALL about BMX and you said you are a freerider. So what are you? BMX or Freeride?"

My answer to this is

I'm a Urban Freerider and Offroad Freerider.

I'm still quite a noob in both of them but I believe I can call myself as a freerider.

I'm dangerous... So when you see me rolling down the street with a big bike, Watch and you will know why am I dangerous.

Whats Urban Freeride and Offroad Freeride?

This is what I do.. But obviously its not me.. But.. yeah.. This is Urban Freeride

Whats offroad freeride? Picture it in you mind..

Off the road = Dirt/Rock/Water/Small Wooden Trail and stuff!

Thinking that is rediculous?

Watch this

This is Offroad... Either Trail or Dirt Or Trial... All different..

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weird day goes on with a weird weather

I dont know why... The weather nowadays is getting weirder and worse..

Maybe its because theres too many friendly people smiling to each other and each smile polutes~


According to this report from United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), they already estimated the future carbon dioxide emission rate. Take a look at China? Its Asia's biggest country, and its very close to us compared to US.

Anyways.. Despite the countries.. Look at the rate of pollution for each country.. Did any of them go down? There are just stable polluted country but theres never going down.

Hell.. If you did study Geography or knowledge about pollution, those effects will greatly impact our crappy global temperature.

Picture a car crashing into a light pole at the streets while rolling at high speed..

Car = Cause of Pollution
Driver = We humans
Light pole = Earth

So.. We drivers drive the car, and as the car gets faster, most of us want it even faster.

More speed = more pollution generated

So when we reach up at a high speed and crash into a lamp pose UNINTENTIONALLY.


Drivers suffer, Car can be fixed and can continue function, light pole tragicly damaged and take alot of money and effort to fix it.

Got what my passage means?

We humans took control of the cause of pollution, iresponsible people ignore the horible effects and generate MORE pollution.
And of course, accident always happens...
Say, accident like factory exploded and etc. Causes pollution.

Some might not know what I'm talking but those who knows.. PLEASE do something about it...

One like Bill Gates can make a difference, why cant random any of us make it too?

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Today is fun...

I woke up at 8.30 and I'm suppose to go ride around the neighbourhood.. But sadly i didnt.. Somehow when I wake up, my brain tells me "YOURE TIRED!"

But anyways i forced myself to wake up

On the msn, Jason messaged me.

I asked him to join me for breakfast at the restauraunt behind my house.
So he did, he came, ended up talking about the old games we wanted to challenge each other 4 years ago...

He came my house, We played Populous : The Beginning

An old game released at year 1998.. Which is fun and hilarious enough to play with... I won this game since he dint really much practice the game.

So the second game we played is Battle Realms. I Lost sooooo Dramaticly.. He's troops arives = My Death and Defeat... Anyways he is a pro in that game after all..

After that game.. He went back home for some reasons..

The next time were going to challenge each other, the game is goin to be tough.

1) Stronghold : Crusader [Another old game]
2) Black And White 1 [Another old game too]
3) Red Alert 2 - Yuri Revenge [Quite an old game]
4) Half-Life [Crap.. this is another old game]

I dont know why I love old games... But maybe I love simple game which is intense enough...

My current fav game is still Half-Life 2 series [EP 1 and EP2] and Need For Speed - Most Wanted... I just love the realisme of it..

My com cant even run either of this 2 games.. T_T

Poor pc.

Some things that I REALLY admire

This is what I always wanted to see in real life.. But its just rare to see Flatland BMX riders in my area.. most of them are just cruisers and Wheeliers..

From 2.15 onward in this vid.. I'm so facinated.. But yeah.. I got enough scars... And IF I am getting more, Then its going to be for the sake of Freeriding.. NOT BMX. [Maybe]

"900º Degree Spin is Impossible" Who says so..?
Mat Hoffman.. My frav BMX rider ever.. An insane BMX rider too..
And this is what he did back in the old X-Game

900º = 2 1/2 spin

Are you crazy enough to do it?

Tony Hawk, Mat Hoffman and Bam Margera
This is a hilarious one

Its a compilation.. the Second Video, Sweaty Fat Fucks is from a video named JackAss,
A video about a bunch of guys doing something that is hilarious, insane, crazy, perverted, impossible and stunning actions.. It contains alot of pervertic scenes.So think TWICE before watching it.

Pulling a 180º Backflip?
This trick is called Flair

A backflip done with a 180º rotation..
Sounds impossible but LOOK!

This guy did a double flair.. Insane guy

I think his name is called Kevine

New Stuff and Old Stuff

I made a new vid when I went to Daniel's house...
Thanks to his camera.. And of course Calvin's custom made Phats... Things only can be completed

Daniel's Camera + Calvin's Phats + Me =

Wearing a plain white shirt looks like a normal Plain-White-Loving-Person..
But just with a little colour, things can change..

I'll show the example in the next post... XD



I forgot I did a "suicide" [Not the BMX trick]

Wait.. I did 2 of em.. Near death~ XD

There is mistake about the names at the ending credit... and this vid is took on the 11/08/07.. Old vid but the injuries to me made scars... and the scars on me is THERE PERMANTLY! OMG!

This one is really close to death
Was in a park.. We actually wanted to make use of the kicker... Kyrie[1st rider] did took the risk by lying down in front of the kicker while I jumped the kicker and catch some air to clear over Kyrie.

If I'm not mistaken, Daniel, Dexter, Audrey, Ee Min, Khe Loon, King Foo and Han is there.. Audrey took this vid quite long ago.

This time they asked me to be the one lying on the floor.. but instead I took the chance to inspect the bottom of the kicker..

I trusted Kyrie's skill.. So I kind of took the risk staying down there[its safe to be there anyways]..

After Kyrie jumped.. The remaining... is.. scary..

Believe me.. when i say scary..


I reason I put my head up is because King Fu roll the kicker and I tought Khe Loon[The 2nd Biker] dare not clear the kicker and stopped on top of it..

By the time I put my head up.. It scared the SOUL out of me --- Khe Loon Rolled The Bike RIGHT ON TOP OF MY HAIR ... HOLY ****!

But yeah.. I'll NOT let that happen again..

The Kicker is now destroyed.. I dont know who but sadly its missing and some woods were dismantled aside..

Saturday, March 8, 2008

New mix done on 06/3/08

Here comes my mix...
one of my most sucessfull mix

P.S. If you canot stand hardstyle techno..PLEASE!.. Dont force yourself to download or listen...

Get Them Here~

The mix is 17.26 Min

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Shuffle Meetup on 23/02/08

I'm back with a new blog~

On the 23/02/08

Not really a bad day there but sadly i dint get much video taping of my self
[I dont want to embarass myself]

We had so much fun there and i hope that this will once again happen.. Except getting chased by the guards..

After all.. We got chased from Burger King, to anywhere around outside Padini, and we got chased again for several time... We got fed up so we went to rooftop~

After all the dancing and funny things that happened.. We took this~