Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The past week's events

Last week Saturday, 1 Utama held a park shuffle there.. Its a small event that some DJ will attend to mix songs just to entertain shufflers there.

Not a bad day.. Some buttholes "Flew Their Aeroplanes" like no body's business...

Somehow recently since I become a Form 4 student in SMK Taman S.E.A.

I cant believe most of the Form 1 students actually knows me so well even though I have completely NO idea who the heck are they... Stalkers?

I was walking home from tuition, the school just ended, school bus passes by and nearly everyone in the bus starts looking at me..

I feel the creep

Like as if I'm watched for whatever I do..

Will you like it if you are not an attention seeker?

I'm definetly not one.

School is now getting creepier and creepier..

Monday, April 7, 2008

Things demanded by riders!

Everytime I ride around my neighbourhood, either to give out some rave goods, cruising around, going back to school, going friend's house, or some outing with other riders, I tends to think that Malaysia is lack of alot of nice spots for riders...

1) Lack of Skateparks for skaters and BMX-ers
2) Lack of trails
3) Open smooth concrete spaces specially for riders to ride around
4) Not having enough bicycle event in Malaysia compared to US [Every weekend with a BMX Race]
5) Lack of clear oxygen in MALAYSIA!

The parks I know with bicycle things [At Least]
1) Taman Aman W/ Vert ramp and a funbox [LRT Station should be able to reach there at Taman Paramount station]
2) Taman Tun X-Game Park W/ bunch of X-Game event's facility
3) Park next to SJK(C)Puay Chai 2 W/ a BMX Pump Track

How come SS2 doesnt have such facility.. Its just not fair!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Everything have an end

Well.. Life is a very short thing.. Not a journey for me..

But however.. Everything have their end and it ALL deserve an end..

That can maintain the balanced cycle of the world. I somehow find human being is too smart to not acept things and will keep on delaying the time things is solved.

Lets say, criminals.. After they did crime, and they know about what they did wrong, but to avoid getting punished by the law, they run..

Another example.. Feeling... When a person is in an instant of hapiness, they never want it to end and will try to delay the feeling. That would have lead to frustration to alot alot of other people...

How stupid can that be


After all theses talking..

I actually found out that my expenses on my bike is way more than my own computer expenses, personal expenses, clothes, rave gears... The statistic indicates that my expenses on bikes per month is actually 65% and my food expenses is actually only 5%...

I just wrecked my bike once again.. Now i'm working hard to get a new one...

So let the old things come to an end.. To let the new things happen to the infinite possibility..