Friday, July 11, 2008

Club Meeting 11/07/08

This is one of the worst meeting I've ever attended and hosted.. Things did not turn out how I hope it will be. All the new things were completely screwed up.

Now the wire is broken and I have no idea how to re-trim it back.

The new rules and regulations isnt my choice after all.. So PLEASE do not blame me for all those.. Its horibly sick for me to anounce those new and fresh "killers" anyways..

But anyhow, I wish all will tolerate once again and re-tune this mess back to normal once again. Sorry if I have offended anyone. But I'm doing my job and resuming my responsibility.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Far Cry

I finished playing this game in the past week and I find that its worth to tell my blog readers about this game

Its called Far Cry.

This game is definetly worth to play because of its graphic and unique game play.
Its focused on outdoor first person shooting. But its addictively nice to play.

The screenies are below.

[This screenshot was taken from the internet. He is cheating god mode..]

There are a heck load of new unique functions such as Cry Vision[Night Vision], Glider, boat and etc. The A.I. however, may be smarter than we can ever think they can be compared to the game Half Life 2 and Call Of Duty Series. Some player may prefer AIs from Call of Duty 4 though. But its personal preference.

This game will take around 2.5gb of disc space.

Thats all I'm going to blog about Far Cry. You all should try out this game if you are a first person shooting game fan and seek for realism.

Far Cry

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Librarian Instalation SMK Taman S.E.A. 2008

It is held on the 5th of July in year 2008.

Early in the morning.. Reached to the school, I have to burn the audio CDs for the dancers that is... Kind-of prepared..

They did their practice after that anyways.

During the time where I made my speech during the ceremony, most of the audience complained that I spoke too quickly that they dont know what am I even talking.

I did that on purpose.

As usual.. Puan Ang gave me the tie on stage with a big smile on her face once again saying I got promoted once again.

After all the ceremony ended, we had our refreshments. Its very plain though... But we got no other choices after all.

During the game, i'm forced into the game? But anyways, I wanted to relax too.. Went to change, come back out with a proper clothing. The entire game consist of EGGS! FLOUR AND SOO MANY BITTERGAUDS!

Special thanks to Gloria for the special egg. =.=

It is tiring but its worth it getting showered by freezing-bittergaud-lime-facial-treated-saliva-egg-mixed water... After the game.. We all had our cleanups, and start cleaning up the school.

Since I'm in charge of the furniture and cleanliness of the Instalation this year.. Again.. After reaching home with some of the left-overs by other librarians.. I once again colapse at home.

Unlike last year, I colapse in the library after carrying 18 pairs of table and chair from the library to the field.

At least this year's Install isnt that ruined.

Many thanks to all the librarians that helped up and attended to the Instalation.
Special thanks to all the guest that attended the Instalation.