Sunday, June 22, 2008

S.M.T.S. L.P.P.S. Trip to Gua Tempurong & The Lost World Of Tambun 21/06/08

Generally the most fun experiences I've enjoy among all the activity held by the LPPS that I've attended

I really loved the cave exploring in Gua Tempurong.. Since I'm those that prefers going around and explore.. But it still gives me fears that weird creatures stays inside..

The last time i've been there is during my primary year 6. That time is a dicember so the cave is quite flooded... We are all not allowed to go down deeper to explore around.. So this time.. I finally took the oppurtunity to explore inside.. As my friend told me before that i can find his name carving somewhere deep inside where we have to jump into a hole and reach a stream of water.. and so i found it.. with his name overlapped by others' name... How sad..

The water inside is clean.. i remember the guides told me before that the water can be drinked since its not toxified..

However I really disliked something for this trip

1)The road of Malaysia is the "smoothest" of all

I doubt that even mud roads can be smoother than Malaysia's tar road.. Its so poorly maintained

2)I dont feel save leaving my things in the bus (but i have to after all)

Malaysia's crime rate is insanely high.. and heck I have to leave all my valuables in the bus..

I really enjoyed this trip though

Rock on, LPPS!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SPM Scoring tips?

I've been doing reasearch around the net since last year until rencently.. I found this site usefull for SPM candidates

you can browse around there for some other guides... But please take note that not all tips for all subject were there.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

TrackMania United

I just found this game recently

Its a game that features you online playing with others [If you got the CD-key or something] , building your own track and run them your way, several different theme for building the tracks, and also features a campaign-like mode where you play a bunch of track done by the developers.The most intresting one is that it features local network play [I havent test it out]. The graphic is in very high quality and smooth even with my low end computer spec. You can decorate the cars too~ Best of all.. Free~

Nothing is always perfect and nice though... There are also several things that I dont like about this game.
1) You cant play online without the cd-keys [Bad Enough]
2) Cars are fixed for certain themes
3) Tuning for certain cars really suxed
4) Complicated advance Track Editor [More things but not too userfriendly]
5) Lack of track variation in Simple Track Editor Mode

6) (If youre a realistic demanding player) The car wont shatter falling from 50 floor
7) You can have airbrakes? [Braking in the air can make you slowdown!]

Here are some shots


Check the site out here.