Friday, May 23, 2008

Feelings and senses

Can a feeling stop?

Can we stop a feeling going on?


Can we trully can control our senses?

Can we really know what are we feeling?


I dont know why are we here in the 1st place.
But since we are here, its may be a gift from the gods.

Since we are here with feelings.
We should make use of it but not misusing it.

Since we are born with senses [But not all of us have all the senses]
We should really take care of it.

And conclusion is

We all have feeling and senses.. We use and encounter them every day, even every millisecond..

But we can never control our feelings... They come and they go...

Its a brain control.

So since we are suppose to take care of our senses, organs even ourself, as an appeciation to the founders of living beings...

Why do something to destroy your ownself.. so..

Why Smoke and Take Drugs..?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Long gone and back!

its been so long i havent been posting in my blog..

Its not dead yet.. My exam time is just over so now I can spend time with my blog


I'm going to talk about exam this time

I currently dont get why one earth everyone got so stressed out and tension themself so badly as like they are trying to get themself suicided in a nice way..

Its weird for me

Because for me..

I think studying is supposed to be relaxed but NOT tensed up.
Pure studying will turn yourself into having health problem.

Now is Health more important or is Education more important?

You decide.. I got NO rights to say anything about it.