Friday, June 5, 2009

My Plan for..

Hey guys, I recently got a new motherboard with no processor.

Now i was planning that my Hardware Set [the internal of the whole CPU] Mounted on a wall to and make it work.

What do you guys think of that idea?

Currently i'm saving money for it.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sash - Ecuador [SyNc Remix]

A remix made by me

Watch it in HQ

Rate and comment.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

ID Software

Boy o Boy.. Here I go again, Dusting up my blog. But this time I manage to accomplish something I hope for so long :

Play Doom 3 & finish the game without cheat
Play Quake 4 & finish the game without cheat


Doom 3 was way more than my expectation. It really freaked the crap out of myself. One of the primary reason is because of its gory-ness. Its very scary. Especially when your video option is on to the max. The story isn't very bad. But its weird where every time you tend to meet a team mate, they dies and leave u alone in the game ALL ALONG.

I will suggest people who wants a game that is scary and is a FPS[First Person Shooter] game to give this game a go. Yes I know its an old game and there are better games with better graphics. I'm a low end regular gamer, so don't expect much from me.


This game is something I really enjoyed playing. But somehow you are often alone. Thats the only thing I hate about most of the FPS games. The graphic is as good as Doom 3's.

I will somehow suggest this game to people who love Sci-Fi FPS games. This game is a blast of a storyline.. Its excellent in my opinion..

I attempted to compare Id-Tech 5 to Valve Source Engine..
Hell.. I always thought Source has a better graphic.. But for me, it lost dramaticly to Id Techs.. The only thing that Source won is the way they make use of physics. The best example is Half Life 2's Gravity Gun where Alyx gave Gordon Freeman [The Player] the Gravity Gun. It illustrated how much fun and how much thing you can do with the physics in the game.

Friday, March 20, 2009


This is a quite new game released by Valve software. Its about Aperture Labratories, rival of Black Mesa [Half-Life 1] over their experiments of teleportation. So in this game, Portal, its more about puzzle than defeating the main core. There is so many brain storming ways to solve a puzzle in this game, especially when you are near the end of the game.

I find it nice because it uses a whole new concept of game play than just the regular first person shooter [ Wield a gun and start shooting and enemies ]

Have a look at the trailer of the game.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cyber Cafe Players

To all cybercafe players out there that wants to play game running Valve's Source engine based game [Eg: Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike:Source, DoD:Source]

I believe most of you having problem playing it with your friends in cybercafe sometime but totally have NO IDEA how to connect

Heres what you can do

1)Ask the cybercafe staff to help you
2)Find ways in the internet [Troublesome]
3)Ask people
4)Do it your own learning from here~!

Heres how you can do by your own

I)Press "~" at the left of your keyboard [Below the "ESC" button] while youre in the menu of the game. A rounded rectangular box should appear with a lot of texts. Thats the console.

II)Type down "net_status" and copy down the IP address [The one that goes XXX.XXX.XX.XXX]

III)Lastly, Start a game with that host computer [Server] and have other computer [Client] to join the game by having the Client side to type "Connect XXX.XXX.XX.XXX" [The IP you copied down just now/the host's IP].

Enjoy the Game~

OH and by the way...

If the client side got this message that has to do with Lan or Class C client
make sure the server side's SV_Lan is set to 1.. [Do this in the console]

Monday, March 16, 2009

Half Life 2 Episode 2 [Sweet as heck]

Managed to spend some time finishing this game.. Finally.

Over the problem of "lack on disk space", I cant even support a game that is as big as 9.5GB. After all I'm having 3 old IDE hard disk that has the sum of only 80GB. Unlike the new batch of computers running SATA, which cost less than RM200 to purchase just one hard disk which has more than 200GB that easily beat the function of the 3 slow and prone-to-overheating IDE hard disk. Which somehow show that I'm not working for something I demanded ---- Work for a new computer.

After sorting things up and move movies into the movie computer outside my room, finally get to play that game. If I were to compare Half-Life 2 Series to other FPS game I've played before, I'll still say Far Cry is my favorite. But since I'm a Half-Life fan all the while and I'm wanting to know the story of Half Life badly, Half-Life 2 Series is a second to none choice for me in the sense of obsession.

Its a worth game to play with. Hell load of suprise that finally shocked me when I play Episode 2 of Half Life 2. Eg : The dumb vortigaunt pop its head when i'm about to finish climbing a long ladder. Its eye is scary enough and the surrounding enviroment totally freaked me out.

The thing I'm amazed about this game is because the way the developers twist the storyline into something that is totally unexpected. Eli Vance died in the game~! Now I wonder how Valve is going to twist the story again this time. However it is, if its going to be the end of the sequels, it better be good.

Lots of different effects and functions were added in Episode 2. I think its like a whole new game compared to Half-Life 2 even though their sequel to each other.

I'm looking forward to test one last remaining game before I proceed to my exams at the end of the year - Doom 3

Yes I know its old. But please bear with me as my computer was savaged from total crappy scrap 5 years ago. It doesn't even support any SATA HDD ports or PCI-E Graphic Card Slot. I'm going to work for it so badly when I get the chance.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finally, A Post~

Ok.. Its been dusted for very long time, but today theres something worth for me to post.. Its a very very exciting riding day [though most of them say its boring]

The info of the ride is stated as below

Ride A ( 65 km )
Pelita SS2 - Taman Bahagia - Damansara Jaya -
Sprint Highway - Kota Damansara - LDP Highway
-Persiaran Surian - Persiaran Sungai Buloh -
Jalan Sungai Buloh - Persiaran Gerbang Utama(BJ)
-U Turn at Persiaran Singgah Sana - Persiaran
Gerbang Utama(BJ) - Jalan Sungai Buloh
- Persiaran Sungai Buloh - Persiaran Surian -
LDP Highway - Taman Bahagia - Pelita SS2

Date : 15th (Sunday) & 21st ( Saturday) March 2009

Location : Bukit Jelutong ( Shah Alam )

Ride Distance : 65km

Time : 7.30am ( Be ready by 7.15am )

Meeting Place : SS2 Pelita Nasi Kandar

and at the end it became

Ride A ( 45 km )
Pelita SS2 - Taman Bahagia - Damansara Jaya -
Sprint Highway - Kota Damansara - LDP Highway
-Persiaran Surian - Persiaran Sungai Buloh -
Jalan Sungai Buloh - Persiaran Gerbang Utama(BJ)
-Shah Alam Stadium - Glen Marie - Dataran Glomac
- Kelana Mahkota [Condo]/Kelana Stadium - Kelana Parkview [Condo] -
- Taman Bahagia - Home

And the route is this

Its quite a nice day to ride on because its chilly in the morning but its not chilly anymore as the time came to 9.30am. The best thing of all is that there is not much cars distrupting throughout this day out. Just... Dead cats and dogs really spoil my morale to ride because i'm having fears of dead animals.

The riders that participated today is Faizal, Edward and me~
I expect more people to join but no one turn up today at the meeting place. So we departed at 7.35 and took out break in a Mamak nearby Kelana Parkview at 11.00pm. Throughout the whole trip we did not get much break. But its a smooth and relaxing ride.

The only time we stoped is after we enter Bukit Jelutong, there is a building that looks like a High End showroom, which we have no idea where we are. Faizal took a picture of his bike with the building. He too suggested turning back since we were lost but I suggested finding the Shah Alam Stadium because I know the way out from there. So we did manage to find the stadium and get out of Shah Alam, which is next to Bukit Jelutong.

Helpless Edward keep thinking we were totally lost. LOL~!

This day is a remarkable day because this is the first time I rode 44.6 KM in 3 and a half hours..

And yes.. I belive what I said is hardly to be understood. Please bear with me.