Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sash - Ecuador [SyNc Remix]

A remix made by me

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

ID Software

Boy o Boy.. Here I go again, Dusting up my blog. But this time I manage to accomplish something I hope for so long :

Play Doom 3 & finish the game without cheat
Play Quake 4 & finish the game without cheat


Doom 3 was way more than my expectation. It really freaked the crap out of myself. One of the primary reason is because of its gory-ness. Its very scary. Especially when your video option is on to the max. The story isn't very bad. But its weird where every time you tend to meet a team mate, they dies and leave u alone in the game ALL ALONG.

I will suggest people who wants a game that is scary and is a FPS[First Person Shooter] game to give this game a go. Yes I know its an old game and there are better games with better graphics. I'm a low end regular gamer, so don't expect much from me.


This game is something I really enjoyed playing. But somehow you are often alone. Thats the only thing I hate about most of the FPS games. The graphic is as good as Doom 3's.

I will somehow suggest this game to people who love Sci-Fi FPS games. This game is a blast of a storyline.. Its excellent in my opinion..

I attempted to compare Id-Tech 5 to Valve Source Engine..
Hell.. I always thought Source has a better graphic.. But for me, it lost dramaticly to Id Techs.. The only thing that Source won is the way they make use of physics. The best example is Half Life 2's Gravity Gun where Alyx gave Gordon Freeman [The Player] the Gravity Gun. It illustrated how much fun and how much thing you can do with the physics in the game.