Monday, March 16, 2009

Half Life 2 Episode 2 [Sweet as heck]

Managed to spend some time finishing this game.. Finally.

Over the problem of "lack on disk space", I cant even support a game that is as big as 9.5GB. After all I'm having 3 old IDE hard disk that has the sum of only 80GB. Unlike the new batch of computers running SATA, which cost less than RM200 to purchase just one hard disk which has more than 200GB that easily beat the function of the 3 slow and prone-to-overheating IDE hard disk. Which somehow show that I'm not working for something I demanded ---- Work for a new computer.

After sorting things up and move movies into the movie computer outside my room, finally get to play that game. If I were to compare Half-Life 2 Series to other FPS game I've played before, I'll still say Far Cry is my favorite. But since I'm a Half-Life fan all the while and I'm wanting to know the story of Half Life badly, Half-Life 2 Series is a second to none choice for me in the sense of obsession.

Its a worth game to play with. Hell load of suprise that finally shocked me when I play Episode 2 of Half Life 2. Eg : The dumb vortigaunt pop its head when i'm about to finish climbing a long ladder. Its eye is scary enough and the surrounding enviroment totally freaked me out.

The thing I'm amazed about this game is because the way the developers twist the storyline into something that is totally unexpected. Eli Vance died in the game~! Now I wonder how Valve is going to twist the story again this time. However it is, if its going to be the end of the sequels, it better be good.

Lots of different effects and functions were added in Episode 2. I think its like a whole new game compared to Half-Life 2 even though their sequel to each other.

I'm looking forward to test one last remaining game before I proceed to my exams at the end of the year - Doom 3

Yes I know its old. But please bear with me as my computer was savaged from total crappy scrap 5 years ago. It doesn't even support any SATA HDD ports or PCI-E Graphic Card Slot. I'm going to work for it so badly when I get the chance.

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