Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cyber Cafe Players

To all cybercafe players out there that wants to play game running Valve's Source engine based game [Eg: Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike:Source, DoD:Source]

I believe most of you having problem playing it with your friends in cybercafe sometime but totally have NO IDEA how to connect

Heres what you can do

1)Ask the cybercafe staff to help you
2)Find ways in the internet [Troublesome]
3)Ask people
4)Do it your own learning from here~!

Heres how you can do by your own

I)Press "~" at the left of your keyboard [Below the "ESC" button] while youre in the menu of the game. A rounded rectangular box should appear with a lot of texts. Thats the console.

II)Type down "net_status" and copy down the IP address [The one that goes XXX.XXX.XX.XXX]

III)Lastly, Start a game with that host computer [Server] and have other computer [Client] to join the game by having the Client side to type "Connect XXX.XXX.XX.XXX" [The IP you copied down just now/the host's IP].

Enjoy the Game~

OH and by the way...

If the client side got this message that has to do with Lan or Class C client
make sure the server side's SV_Lan is set to 1.. [Do this in the console]

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